A Look At Juvenile Crimes In North Carolina

When we're young, we make mistakes. It's how we learn to become better adults. But when these mistakes lead to criminal charges, a young person is forced to grow up faster than planned. They must now face a very adult situation – one they might not be prepared to face on their own.

By obtaining the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney, such as the lawyers at Coalter Law, PLLC, parents can make sure their child learns from their mistakes, but is not constantly haunted by them for the rest of their life. Acting quickly is key, though, if a parent wants to ensure the best protection of their child's rights.

Facing The Juvenile Justice System

Most crimes can qualify as a juvenile crime if the young person committing the offense is 15 years of age or younger. Crimes like stealing from a store or possession of illegal drugs are examples of crimes that could lead to the arrest of your son or daughter.

Typically in North Carolina, if a young person commits a crime, they are not specifically charged but rather accused of a crime and considered a juvenile delinquent. After noting the offense, police will then contact the child's parents and release the child into the parent's custody. Evidence concerning the offense is then submitted to the court where a court counselor will decide whether or not to issue a petition against the child.

Protecting Your Child's Rights Throughout The Process

It's very important for North Carolina parents to know that while the juvenile justice system does work differently than the adult criminal justice system, juveniles who are accused of committing a crime do still have their constitutional rights. This means they have a right to legal counsel immediately following their arrest and all the way through trial proceedings.

By obtaining the services of a qualified defense attorney like Scott Coalter or Aaron Wellman, you put the law on your child's side immediately, providing protection from leading police questions, procedural missteps and aggressive prosecution.

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