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Criminal Law

Greensboro Criminal Law Attorneys Pursue Justice for Clients Charged with a Crime

Greensboro lawyers draw on decades of experience to achieve successful results

From the moment you are charged with a crime, the government starts using its vast resources to build a case against you. An early mistake or unguarded statement on your part can have serious consequences down the road, so it’s vital you get skilled advocacy from the start. Coalter Law, PLLC in Greensboro provides comprehensive criminal defense counsel in Guilford County and other North Carolina jurisdictions. We’ve handled capital murder cases, traffic offenses and every other type of criminal litigation in state and federal courts. Combined, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience and have been recognized by peers and clients for our zealous, effective representation.

Skillful firm handles a full range of felony, misdemeanor and traffic matters

Our attorneys bring a formidable track record to each case that we handle. Attorneys J. Scott Coalter has served as president of the Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and both are admitted to the U.S. District Court, Middle District of North Carolina Criminal Justice Act Panel. Mr. Coalter also served as an assistant district attorney and is a board-certified specialist in state and federal criminal law. No matter how intimidating or complex your case might seem, you can rely on us for exceptional counsel and strong advocacy in litigation pertaining to:

  • Violent crimes — We have the experience to defend North Carolinians accused of a wide range of violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter, assault, and deadly weapons offenses.
  • Drug crimes —  Our drug charge lawyers represent clients in state and federal drug crime matters, including cases involving the possession, sale and manufacture of controlled substances.
  • Sex crimes — As experienced litigators, our firm handles sex crime allegations with the skill and sensitivity that they deserve.
  • Federal court litigation — Trials and appeals held in federal court are subject to a completely different set of rules and standards. With a significant background in District and Circuit Court litigation, we serve as strong advocates.
  • Juvenile law — Advises families on juvenile law matters and works to achieve resolutions that give young people the best chance to put their problems behind them.
  • Traffic violations — If you are charged with a traffic violation, you can face short- and long-term consequences. When drivers believe they’ve been targeted unfairly, we take on overzealous authorities.
  • Drunk driving — If you’re arrested on a driving while intoxicated charge, you might be tempted to plead guilty, especially if your breathalyzer test result exceeded the legal limit. This might not be the best course of action as we can often identify potential defenses.
  • Domestic violence — Our attorneys assist individuals accused of domestic violence in civil proceedings concerning protective orders and criminal prosecutions where charges might be aggravated if the parties have a relationship to each other.
  • White collar crime — In embezzlement, fraud, internet crime and other white collar crime cases, our knowledgeable advocates analyze complex evidence thoroughly and press for an appropriate resolution.
  • Property crimes — Our firm represents people involved in crimes involving the theft of property or money, or the destruction of someone else’s property, handling charges such as theft, burglary, shoplifting and vandalism.
  • Expungements — North Carolina has recognized that expungements can have a positive impact on a person’s life. We can explain the revised rules and guide you through the expunction process if you are eligible and wish to eliminate a past offense from your record.

Don’t be intimidated by police officers or prosecutors who are seeking a quick resolution. Everyone is entitled to assert their rights with the guidance of professional counsel. We offer a free initial consultation to arm you with the knowledge you need to make smart choices and pursue a positive result.

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Coalter Law, PLLC defends North Carolina clients in state and federal court matters arising from felony, misdemeanor and traffic charges. Please call 336-645-9336 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. Our office is in Greensboro.

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