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Domestic Violence

Greensboro Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Domestic Violence

Knowledgeable North Carolina advocates take on criminal and civil matters

Charges of assault, stalking, communicating threats or certain other offenses can lead to increased penalties if the alleged victim is a spouse, former spouse or someone you have lived with as if married. Moreover, allegations that are classified as domestic violence might affect your child custody and visitation terms. Coalter Law, PLLC in Greensboro is committed to protecting the rights of North Carolina residents no matter what particular misconduct is alleged. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our accomplished attorneys have observed that clients are often surprised to learn that their actions have been interpreted as domestic violence, especially when the confrontation was not physical. Whatever the circumstances might be, we’ll take the time to understand the situation in its entirety and will press for an appropriate outcome.

Experienced litigators handle cases involving alleged assault and harassment

Domestic violence matters can be charged as a criminal offense by the State or as a civil matter by the individual. Chapter 50b of the North Carolina General Statutes covers domestic violence. Our firm represents clients in civil matters and also challenges prosecutors in criminal matters who seek additional punishment for crimes because the purported victim and defendant are in a relationship that is listed by the statute. Criminal misconduct frequently associated with domestic abuse charges includes:

  • Assault — Physical harm and threatening behavior can lead to misdemeanor and felony counts. In some instances, disputes involving romantic partners, roommates or family members are complicated, and reporting officers might not have complete information regarding an alleged incident. We go beyond the police report to prepare an assertive defense for our clients.
  • Stalking and harassment — Harassing someone on more than one occasion can trigger a stalking charge under state law. This count can arise due to physical encounters, communications or online behavior that causes a victim fear or substantial emotional distress.
  • Sexual assault — Sentences for rape and other sex crimes can run for years or even decades. By reviewing and analyzing the circumstances in exacting detail, we’ll advise you regarding consent issues and other potential defenses.

To get you the immediate help you need, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation and seek the prompt, favorable resolution of civil and criminal defense matters, such as issues involving the alleged violation of protective orders.

Legal counselors work to reduce penalties and defeat unwarranted claims

The effects of a domestic violence or abuse conviction can affect every part of your life. Along with a criminal record and sentence, an individual under a protective order could lose custody and visitation rights, the ability to own a firearm, and even their home in certain situations. Our experienced attorneys understand the social stigma that exists with a domestic violence charge and the temptation to give in to prosecutors in an attempt to make the problem “go away.” However, the best way to move beyond your difficulties is to deal with charges directly, aided by an experienced defense lawyer.

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Coalter Law, PLLC advises residents of Guilford County and the surrounding area who have been accused of domestic violence. Please call 336-645-9336 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Our office is in Greensboro.

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