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North Carolina Lawyers Pursue Expungements to Clear Clients’ Records

Greensboro firm guides clients through the expunction process

A solitary mistake can give someone a criminal record that follows them throughout their lifetime. It can seem very unfair to lose a job or be disqualified for a position of authority after you’ve completed your punishment and lived within the law for many years. Expunction, also known as an expungement, is a process that benefits people by putting them in the legal position they were in before their criminal record existed. This process is limited to certain situations, however, and the relevant standards can be confusing. Coalter Law, PLLC in Greensboro helps clients understand if they are eligible for this type of relief. If so, we guide them through the intricate expunction process with skill and professionalism.

Knowledgeable advisers explain the law and who is eligible for relief

Though our state recognizes the importance of clearing a criminal record of past mistakes as a way of allowing someone to move on with their life, getting an expungement requires skillful handling and patience. Even when a record is expunged, meaning the charge is cleared from your official criminal record, it is still available to law enforcement and prosecutors. North Carolina law limits expungements mostly to:

  • First-time, nonviolent, misdemeanor offenses that were committed more than five years earlier and nonviolent felony offenses committed at least 10 years earlier. This might apply to individuals who were found guilty of a traffic violation or a white collar crime.
  • First-time youthful offenses, which can include misconduct perpetrated before reaching adulthood or, in some cases, drug crimes committed before the age of 22. A separate, simpler process exists for the clearing of juvenile law offenses.
  • Charges that resulted in dismissals or acquittals.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our criminal defense attorneys will outline the steps that must be taken to clear one’s record. Recent changes to the law have been made to give more North Carolina residents access to this relief. Another goal was to speed up the process, though it still often takes many months, starting with the filing of a petition with the Clerk of Court in the relevant county. A thorough background check follows to ensure that no intervening crimes have been committed. Before you begin, our firm will explain everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Contact a North Carolina lawyer for a free consultation regarding expungement

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we know that expungement can make a significant positive difference in someone’s life, which is why we serve clients throughout the North Carolina Triad. If you have questions about the expungement process or would like to know if your record is eligible for expunction, we encourage you to call 336-645-9336 or contact us online. Our office is in Greensboro.

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