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Federal Court Litigation

Greensboro Federal Court Litigation Attorneys Defend Clients Charged

Skilled advocates have experience in all three North Carolina districts

If you’re facing criminal charges in federal court, it’s crucial to have a federal attorney who is familiar with the unique rules and procedures used within that system. As most criminal proceedings are tried in state courts, federal prosecutors usually have access to more resources, cases often move quickly and sentencing guidelines are much stricter. Attorney J. Scott Coalter of Coalter Law, PLLC in Greensboro is experienced federal court practitioner who have been admitted to the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the Middle District of North Carolina. Our firm also litigates trials in the Eastern and Western Districts of North Carolina and handles appellate matters before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. Whether your matter arises from an alleged drug offense, a white collar crime accusation, or some other type of charge, we’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared to defend your rights in federal court.

Zealous civil lawsuit lawyers represent clients in white collar crime and federal drug cases

Compared to state courts, federal criminal courts can seem intimidating and unforgiving, particularly in the sentencing phase. Proceedings usually move quickly as judges often have fewer cases on their docket. It might take four months or less before your case is resolved, and U.S. attorneys often spend months gathering evidence before a target — the person linked to a crime — even knows there’s a case against them. Federal criminal litigation can include prosecutions for sex crimes where someone is taken across state lines and other types of crimes such as:

  • Drug crimes — Cases pertaining to alleged drug crimes are litigated in state or federal courts depending on the particular circumstances. Should your case be filed in U.S. District Court due to interstate activity or some other factor, we’ll detail each step of the federal justice process.
  • Fraud — Many white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement violate federal statutes. U.S. Attorneys have the resources to handle sophisticated matters and document-heavy litigation, but we also have the resources to challenge them.
  • Conspiracy — When two or more people collaborate to commit a crime, conspiracy charges can be brought. In many instances, innocent communications might be mischaracterized as illicit due to an honest mistake or an attempt to pressure a potential witness into cooperating.
  • Identity theft — The internet has no geographic boundaries, so suspected criminal activity such as identity theft or hacking frequently crosses state lines or violates federal statutes. The distinction between appropriate activity and criminal misconduct can be slight in these cases, and we are determined to counter all unwarranted accusations and conclusions.

Our criminal defense attorneys provide a free initial consultation so we can work with you to start creating a defense strategy immediately. If you have been indicted on federal charges, have received a letter from the government identifying you as the target of an investigation, or have been notified that an existing case is “going federal,” our extensive experience with this system can benefit you.

Thorough litigators advise clients on federal sentencing guidelines

Should you agree to a plea deal or be found guilty at trial, the federal justice system maintains detailed sentencing guidelines that provide a range of sentences based on the crime and other factors such as prior convictions. Federal prosecutions differ from state prosecutions where judges often have wide leeway to impose punishments. Attorney Scott Coalter is a board-certified specialist in state and federal criminal law in North Carolina and has handled numerous jury trials over the course of his career. Based on this experience, we can assess the likelihood of a successful verdict, how long you might be incarcerated if you choose to go to trial, and what the relative punishment would be if the charges were reduced.

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Coalter Law, PLLC represents North Carolina clients in a full array of federal criminal trials and appeals. To arrange a free initial consultation at our Greensboro office, please call 336-645-9336 or contact us online.

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