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Juvenile Law

Dedicated Juvenile Law Attorney in Greensboro Seeks to Help Clients

North Carolina juvenile attorney handles cases involving delinquency and discipline

Young people sometimes make bad decisions that lead to allegations of illegal conduct. When this occurs, the North Carolina juvenile justice system offers resolutions that focus on correcting behavior and addressing its underlying causes. Our Greensboro firm, Coalter Law, PLLC, recognizes the difficulties that children and their families face when dealing with delinquency charges. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys understand how options such as diversion, protective supervision and substance-abuse treatment often serve everyone’s interests better than incarceration. Whether the charge involves youthful mischief or a more serious offense, we protect the rights of young people and make every effort to help them move forward successfully.

Attorneys assist families after a youth is taken into temporary custody

Coalter Law, PLLC has a skilled juvenile court attorney who thoroughly understands the distinctions between juvenile delinquency proceedings and the adult criminal justice system. Changes in the North Carolina law mean that by the end of 2019, most cases involving 16- and 17-year-olds will be handled according to the juvenile guidelines. Certain serious crimes are the exceptions. Nearly every type of criminal misconduct is considered a juvenile offense if the suspect is 15 years of age or younger. Starting with a free initial consultation, our firm helps young people and their parents in matters pertaining to:

  • Drug offenses — We assist clients who have been accused of drug crimes and work diligently to achieve a resolution that gives them the best chance to overcome their problem.
  • Theft crimes — Whether the specific incident involves shoplifting or another type of theft, our lawyers investigate the circumstances to identify all available defenses.
  • Assault — After an altercation between teenagers, there is often a lot of confusion. Should your child be accused of assaulting someone, we can safeguard their rights during the juvenile justice process.
  • Vandalism and underage drinking — Sometimes, youthful mischief runs afoul of the law. If your son or daughter was caught drinking an alcoholic beverage or vandalizing property, we’ll advise you of your options and the potential punishments.
  • Vehicle offenses — Our firm handles all types of matters arising from alleged traffic violations committed by newer drivers, including speeding, reckless driving and DWI citations.

Juveniles have the right to counsel, even though they may be held in temporary custody rather than being placed under arrest. After noting the offense, police will then contact the child’s parents and generally release the child into the parents’ custody. Evidence concerning the offense is then submitted to the court where a court counselor will decide whether or not to issue a petition against the child.

Lawyers protect children’s rights throughout the juvenile justice process

Coalter Law, PLLC represents youths in adjudication and disposition hearings. If your child has been accused of misconduct, we’ll work immediately to guard against leading police questions, procedural problems and overly aggressive prosecution. In many cases, cases can be resolved through an adjudication of delinquency or discipline, which sets terms that allow a child to take responsibility for their actions but does not leave them with a criminal record. In more serious cases, we strive to minimize detention or replace it with diversion that can include probation or community service. Our significant experience with expungement relating to both juvenile and adult offenses means we can help clients minimize any negative long-term consequences associated with a youthful mistake.

Contact a knowledgeable North Carolina juvenile law attorney for a free consultation

Coalter Law, PLLC handles all types of juvenile law matters in Guilford County and throughout the surrounding area. To arrange a free initial consultation at our Greensboro office, please call 336-645-9336 or contact us online.

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