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Coalter Law, PLLC, has a team of experienced lawyers to counsel and represent clients facing all manner of criminal charges, from traffic tickets to federal allegations. With offices in Greensboro, we are trial attorneys prepared to fight for the rights of our clients and aggressively challenge the state's evidence.

Experienced, Dependable Criminal Defense Representation

Our attorneys have the skills and experience that will help you obtain the best outcome possible for your case. Our combination of prosecutorial background and award-winning representation allows us to build a strategy that has the best chance of overcoming the tactics and objectives of state and federal prosecutors.

Both in plea negotiations and at trial, our decades of combined legal experience and full-service capabilities go a long way in minimizing the damages criminal charges have on your life.

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we handle all types of cases for people facing criminal charges in North Carolina. We offer devoted personal service to clients facing any state or federal criminal charge in North Carolina, including petty misdemeanors, DWI, drug charges, theft charges, fraud, homicide and many others.