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Greensboro Lawyer Defending Against Driving Offenses

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, you are likely concerned about potentially losing your driver’s license and/or an increase in your car insurance premium. At Coalter Law, PLLC​, we know what it takes to minimize the damage that traffic forfeitures can inflict.

Experienced criminal defense attorney Scott Coalter understands the unique quirks of the local system and have the experience that you need to assemble a tough defense in your favor. Whether you face charges of driving while impaired (DWI), driving while your license is suspended or revoked, or you wish to dispute a traffic citation, our team will defend your driving privileges.

License Suspension

Your driver’s license is an important privilege issued by the state of North Carolina. It allows you to drive to work, pick up your children and visit friends. However, it can be taken away, either through suspension or revocation.

People lose their license every day for not appearing in court, not paying fines, paying fines at the wrong time, convictions for certain offenses and numerous other technical violations of motor vehicle law. The length of a driver’s license suspension varies from a few months to a permanent ban.

Limit The Points On Your Record

Drivers in North Carolina often have their license suspended because they’ve accumulated 12 points or more on their record in a three-year period. People will commonly just pay the fine and court costs that accompany a citation to avoid the stressful and time-consuming alternative of fighting the ticket in court.

However, an experienced attorney can often get the citation reduced to an offense that does not carry any DMV or insurance points. You save money in the long run and protect your right to drive.

Contact A Greensboro Attorney For Driving Offenses

We encourage you to call our law firm, Coalter Law, PLLC, to see what we can do for your driving offense case. We represent clients throughout the Triad. For assistance, contact us today by calling our Greensboro office at 336-646-7977 or using our online form. Se Habla español.