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Facing Violent Crimes Charges In North Carolina

In North Carolina, an offense against another individual in which force or the threat of force is used can constitute a violent crime. In our state, violent crimes are serious allegations that can carry incredibly steep penalties if they rise to the level of a felony charge. The sooner you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Coalter Law, PLLC, the sooner we will be able to begin constructing a strong defense against these charges.

Many offenses constitute violent crimes in North Carolina, including:

What You Should Do After Being Charged

Even before you contact a lawyer, the very first thing you must know when you are charged with a crime is not to make any statements to police or investigators. You might say something that gives police further evidence to use in your case. And if they can use it, they probably will.

You are not obligated by law to speak to police without first talking to a lawyer. In order to protect your rights, insist on consulting with your lawyer before you provide such a statement.

The more time an attorney can spend with you, the better the result will generally be. That’s because your lawyer will have more time to review your case, giving them a better understanding of what you’re up against.

Remember, you have just as much of a right to access the evidence against you as the prosecution does. With proper legal representation, you have a better chance of understanding how that evidence will be used against you and what strategy will offer you the best defense.

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