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What Is A Felony?

Any criminal offense that carries the possibility of serving one year or more in prison typically qualifies as a felony charge. This means that everything from murder to simple cocaine possession could lead to a felony offense. Felonies range in classes from A to I, with Class A being the most serious. Almost all felonies carry the possibility of active jail time if you are convicted, as well as other limitations on your civil rights.

How Felonies Are Handled In North Carolina

Felony cases typically start in the District Court. At this level, the District Attorney’s Office has the opportunity to review the police report and perhaps offer to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. If the state does not reduce the charge, or you reject a misdemeanor plea, the case may be indicted and sent to Superior Court.

At this time, a specific Assistant District Attorney (ADA) will be assigned to your case. They will be responsible for prosecuting your matter on behalf of the state of North Carolina. Superior Court matters are complex and detailed in nature. On top of that, the specific policies and procedures for handling felony cases can vary by county. This makes obtaining the legal representation of a qualified lawyer a must as soon as charges are filed.

Your Rights Under The Law

You have certain rights in these cases that must be preserved at an early stage in the proceedings to ensure that you get the best possible results for your case. The District Attorney’s Office has certain obligations that they have to meet by law. However, you must know the correct procedures in order to take full advantage of your rights. The court system will not hold your hand if you do not have adequate representation.

We Defend Your Rights

When you obtain the services of our law firm, Coalter Law, PLLC, we will immediately conduct a thorough review of all available evidence in the case, including police reports, witness statements and any physical evidence that the state may possess. After we have completed our review, we will have an honest conversation with you regarding the best strategy for your particular case.

Our recommendations are based on extensive training and legal experience. Ultimately, we leave the decision up to you whether you want to take a plea offer or proceed to trial. We will never pressure you to take a plea that is not in your best interest.

Contact Our Greensboro Law Firm Right Away

It’s very important to obtain legal counsel in the early stages of your case, especially if you want to ensure the complete protection of your rights and the best chance at a more favorable outcome in the end. When you contact Coalter Law, PLLC, we will give you a free initial consultation. We then give you an honest quote for representation based on the facts of your case.

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