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A Look At Breaking And Entering Laws In North Carolina

Most people use the term “robbery” to mean any theft of property. But the legal system has developed specific terms and accompanying penalties for different types of thefts.

Common law robbery in North Carolina involves the taking of property from a person or in the presence of a person by threat or force. Armed robbery or robbery with a dangerous weapon requires the additional use or threatened use of a dangerous weapon. These are both serious felonies. Burglary and breaking or entering involve going into a building. They can be charged either as felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the facts.

Some Penalties You Could Face

If you have been charged with breaking and entering or certain other property crimes, then you should know that the state will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Here are just some consequences you could face if you are convicted:

  • Felony breaking and entering: maximum prison sentence of 39 months (more than three years)
  • Second-degree burglary: maximum prison term of 47 months (almost four years)
  • First-degree burglary: maximum prison term of 204 months (17 years)
  • Common law robbery: maximum prison term of 47 months (almost four years)
  • Robbery with a dangerous weapon: maximum prison term of 204 months (17 years)

In addition to a lengthy prison sentence, you may also have to pay large fines and court fees. A conviction will also show up on your criminal record, which may affect current or future employment as well as your ability to rent property.

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