Guidance When
Your Freedom
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Handling Post-Conviction Matters In North Carolina

There are many circumstances in which you may require legal representation even after you have been convicted of an offense. Instances in which you may need a lawyer include:

  • Appeals
  • Probation violations
  • Parole violations
  • State and federal sentencing proceedings
  • Motions for appropriate relief

There is no reason to accept a more severe punishment than you deserve, or suffer the consequences of a flawed conviction. Talking attorney Scott Coalter at Coalter Law, PLLC, will make this apparent, especially when we explain your legal options during your free initial consultation.

In some rare cases, it may be possible to vacate a prior criminal conviction. If your conviction was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights, or your attorney did not provide effective assistance of counsel, you may want to file a motion for appropriate relief. If successful, this could result in having your conviction stricken.

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At Coalter Law, PLLC, we are leaders in the legal community. Attorney Scott Coalter has lectured at seminars sponsored by the Criminal Justice Section of the North Carolina Bar Association and the Advocates for Justice, specifically on the topic of motions for appropriate relief. We are prepared for every step of any post conviction process.

So, whether you’re filing a motion of appropriate relief or you need help with another post-conviction process, we are here to help. We have extensive experience handling a variety of criminal defense cases. We serve clients in Greensboro, North Carolina, throughout Guilford County and the surrounding Triad. Free initial consultations are available by calling us at 336-646-7977. Se Habla español.