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Drug Trafficking And Distribution Charges In North Carolina

The goal of drug trafficking laws is to prevent the large-scale distribution of controlled substances. If you are in possession of a large enough quantity of a controlled substance, the authorities can charge you with drug trafficking even if there is no evidence of distribution. You can be convicted without the prosecutors even attempting to prove that you intended to distribute or transport the drug.

North Carolina law established the following thresholds for when a possession charge becomes a trafficking charge:

  • Marijuana: 10 pounds
  • Ecstasy: 100 pills
  • LSD: 100 pills
  • Heroin or other opiates: 4 grams
  • Powder or crack cocaine: 28 grams

The “war on drugs” resulted in laws that are not designed to be sympathetic to the accused or lenient in any way. Drug trafficking and distribution are felony charges that are almost always elevated to federal court, meaning convictions carry mandatory minimum sentences. These sentences start at 25 to 30 months behind bars and increase as the severity of the charges increases.

Fighting Drug Trafficking Charges

Accusations of manufacturing or distributing drugs leads to some of the harshest sentences. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, it’s very likely that state or federal law enforcement did an extensive investigation before your arrest. They have a lot of resources at their disposal and are highly motivated to get a conviction. By the time you get arrested, you are already at a huge disadvantage.

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is the best way to improve your chances of beating, or at least reducing the charges against you. Attorney J. Scott Coalter has experience as both a prosecutor and public defender. He can put his 20-plus years of experience to work to help protect your rights and potentially minimize the severe consequences of the drug charges against you.

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