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Assault And Battery Charges In North Carolina

Assault and battery charges have serious consequences if you are convicted or plead guilty. The consequences will affect your rights and freedom for the rest of your life. Representation from an experienced, resourceful and dedicated criminal defense lawyer is critical from the beginning.

The Charges You Could Face

Assault charges do not require physical contact. Verbal assaults or violent threats of physical harm can incur assault charges in some circumstances. Battery charges are different, though, and require physical contact. You may be charged with assault or battery for:

Aggressive Defense In All Assault And Battery Situations

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we stand by our clients throughout the legal process. From the moment you retain our services, we work diligently protecting your rights and are always looking out for your best interests. We start gathering evidence right away and look for ways to minimize jail time by negotiating with prosecutors. If we need to fight for your innocence in court, we will take your case to trial.

Attorney Scott Coalter will take a hands-on approach in your defense. He is a Board-Certified specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law by the North Carolina Bar Association, and he is a former Assistant District Attorney. His oversight and guidance in each case our firm takes on ensures high-quality defense every step of the way.

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