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Shoplifting Charges In North Carolina

In North Carolina, shoplifting is referred to as “concealment of merchandise” and is defined as the theft or concealment of goods or merchandise from a store that have not been lawfully purchased. Shoplifting is considered a misdemeanor offense and is punishable under the law.

Any theft conviction can have serious impacts on the rest of your life, and shoplifting is no exception. You may be forced to pay fines, spend time in jail, ordered to do community service or maintain a clean record during probation.

Representing Out-Of-State And North Carolina Clients

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we know the legal challenges you could face if you are convicted of shoplifting in North Carolina. If your son or daughter is accused of a juvenile crime, they could even face serious consequences that could end up haunting them for the rest of their life.

In many instances, we can work to get our clients in first-time offender programs or deferred prosecution. This minimizes the consequences substantially; and if community service is served as ordered, the charges can be dismissed and stripped from a person’s criminal record.

If you have a criminal history, especially one with prior theft charges, you need an experienced lawyer who can work with the district attorney in advance to minimize consequences and fight the charges in court.

Don’t Let A Mistake Ruin Your Life – Talk To An Attorney

In some shoplifting cases, a person isn’t intentionally trying to commit a crime. They may have simply forgotten to pay for an item or there was a misunderstanding with the retail staff. In other cases, a mental handicap or addiction can lead to the theft of merchandise. Cases such as this can be challenging but a person shouldn’t have to live with a conviction on their permanent record because of a simple mistake.

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we defend clients in Greensboro, Guildford County and throughout the Triad. We fight to minimize the detrimental effects of a theft charge so that our clients can move on with their lives. If you’re interested in doing the same, contact us online or by calling our Greensboro office at 336-646-7977. We can help you understand the law and your rights. Se habla español.