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How North Carolina College Campuses Address Sex Crimes

Under Title IX, colleges and universities across the nation are required to address sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus by taking allegations seriously and taking the appropriate disciplinary actions against those students who violate school policy and the law. Unfortunately, college and university administrators oftentimes fail to protect the rights of students who are accused of committing a sex crime.

In many cases, these students are subjected to court-like proceedings that do not afford the student the same protections as the criminal justice system would. Those who are accused typically do not receive their right to due process in these situations. As a result, they are typically forced to suffer the consequences such as negative social stigmas and the possibility of getting kicked out of school.

Types Of Sex Offenses

There are a number of sex offenses students throughout North Carolina may be accused of, such as:

Though a college or university may address sex crime allegations through a hearing process and then expulsion from school, those accused of committing a sex crime may face criminal charges as well. When police get involved, the stakes for students rise, meaning a greater need for quality counsel and a strong defense lawyer.

Coalter Law, PLLC – Protecting The Rights Of Students In The Triad

In addition to losing your chance at an education, sex offense allegations can lead to other serious consequences like fines, prison sentences and the risk of sex offender registration. Be aware: expanded sex offender registration in North Carolina now means that individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery can face registration. This can be damaging as it stays with you for the rest of your life in most cases.

At Coalter Law, PLLC, we represent students who are being accused of a sex crime. Whether they are facing a hearing at school or have been formally charged by police, we carefully review the evidence of the case and guide our clients toward the best possible outcome. We protect their right to due process and see to it that they get the fair trial they deserve.

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